How To Install Custom Template In Blogger/BlogSpot

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Do you want to add a custom template to your Blogger/ BlogSpot website? Blogger’s own templates are also good and user friendly but sometimes we need some unique themes, which best fits the specific niche. There are a lot of premium and free templates are available you can choose according to your requirement. You are here because you want to know how to add a custom template in the BlogSpot blog.

how to add custom theme in blogger

Today I am going to discuss two methods to add your own theme in your blogger/BlogSpot blog.

The first two steps are the same for both methods.

How To Add Custom Theme In Blogger?

Step: 01

    Go To Blogger CMS… for custom templates in blogspot

Step: 02

    Click On Theme

go to theme tab in blogger site for template

Method: First

 Step: 03

      Click On Backup/Restore

click restore button for uploading theme

Step: 04

     Upload Template XML file & Click On Upload

last step for your site to add your own theme

Note: Sometimes this method does not work correctly; it is giving error “File Is Not Parsed Correctly” In that case, you will have to try the second method. The second method will work perfectly if there is no error in your code.

Method: Second

 Step: 03

    Click On Edit HTML

second method to add custom template on blogger

Step: 04

   Paste Your HTML code…

paste your html code in blogger

Step: 05

   Click On Save Theme
click save theme to make changes

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