Earning at risk (ads.txt) Adsense Issue Solved

Hello Tech Lovers are you getting a warning in your AdSense accountEarnings at risk – You need to fix some ads.txt file issues to avoid severe impact to your revenue”. Today I am going to show you how you can solve this issue. This issue mainly arises due to the absence of ads.txt file in your Website your site should contain ads.txt file in the main root directory. So let start and see how we can solve this AdSense problem.

ads.txt issue solved

How to Solve “Earning at risk (ads.txt)” Issue?

Go To AdSense

ads.txt issue in adsense account solutiion

Step: 1

Click On Fix Button …

bad impact to adsense revenue problem solved

Step: 2

  Click on download Button to download ads.txt file…

ads.txt issue solved

Step : 3

Save ads.txt file in your computer…

save ads.txt in your computer for ads.txt problem solution

If your Website is Self-hosted (e.g. WordPress) then you will have to upload your Download ads.txt file in your main Root Directory in your cPanel.

ads.txt solution earning at risk for wordpress

If you are using Blogger CMS then steps are given below…

Step: 1

 Open your ads.txt file on your computer…

 Copy the text from the ads.txt file…

copy the text to solve your earning at risk ads.txt issue for blogger

Step : 2

    Go To Blogger

go to blogger to solve ads.txt server impact of earning issue

Step : 3

   Click on Setting… Scroll Down and find custom ads.txt …

ads.txt missing issue how to solve

Step: 4

  Turn on your custom ads.txt..

earning at risk issue solved in blogspot

Step: 5

   Paste Your Ads.txt file text and click save…

ads.txt issue blogger

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