How To Connect Domain With Blogger 2020? (Step-By-Step-Pictures).

Hi, today I am going to show you how to connect the custom domain with blogger.

Step 1:

The first step is to buy domain; you can buy a domain from any domain providers
e.g., etc.

After buying a domain you have to connect with blogger:

godaddy domain showing dashboard

Step 2:

 Go to>settings->basics --->publishing section:

Try to add domain.

adding domain

Now you will see a warning that “we have not been able to verify your authority to this domain”. Don’t worry now sign in your domain provider account i.e. GoDaddy and here you have to set some DNS Record so that your new domain can verify.

Step 3:

Add lines as shown in the above picture in GoDaddy DNS records as CNAME.
Go to and manage domain -> add records.

Add records as shown below:

Now adding records first add(www,,etc)..

as same as below with your own lines from

adding record 1

adding record 2

The first record has been added as "CNAME".

adding record 4

             2 record form blogger page www/ etc has been added.

Now we have to add four lines from as shown below ..

add these records as Type "A" not "CNAME".
adding record 5

adding record 6

adding record 7

Records have been added :

Check if 6 new records have been added (2 CNAME & 4 "A" Type)

custom domain has beenn added domain has been now connected with blogger ... 

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