Introduction to Data structure & Algorithms .


What is Data Structures And Algorithms?

DATA STRUCTURE - help us to organize the data in the computer, resulting in more efficient programs.

 An efficient program executes faster and helps minimize the usage of resources like memory, disk.

Computers are getting more powerful with the passage of time with the increase in CPU speed in GHz, availability of the faster network, and the maximization of disk space.

 As computer applications are becoming complex, so there is a need for more resources. This does not mean that we should buy a new computer to make the application execute faster.

 Our effort should be to ensure that the solution is achieved with the help of programming, data structures, and algorithm. Organizing the data means that the data should be arranged in a way that is easily accessible.

The data is inside the computer and we want to see it. We may also perform some calculations on it.

Suppose the data contains some numbers and the programmer wants to calculate the average, standard deviation, etc. Maybe we have a list of names and want to search a particular name in it. To solve such problems, data structures and algorithms are used. Sometimes you may realize that the application is too slow and taking more time.

data structures and algorithms

There are chances that it may be due to the data structure used, not due to the CPU speed and memory. A solution is said to be efficient if it solves the problem within its resource constraints. Suppose you have some program that solves the problem but takes two months. It will be of no use.

Usually, we don’t have this much time and cannot wait for two months. Suppose the data is too huge to be stored in the disk. So again the problem will be of resources. This means that we have to write programs considering the resources to achieve some solution as soon as possible. The following are basic steps for implementing a C++ program using Eclipse IDE.


 Algorithms are statements in computer programming which use to solve the logical programs.

For Example:

Bubble Sorting, Insertion Sort, etc.

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