About Us

                      Hay, I am Ehtisham Ali from Qazipur.

          Student of the University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan.

             In Department of Computer Software Engineering(CSE).

I created this website (itzprogramming.com) in 2019 to help students to learn software engineering (programming languages, programming techniques, etc.)

This website also includes solutions to technical problems Like “how to add the widget in blogger”, “how to SEO website”, “how to add custom domain in BlogSpot”, etc.

The aim of this website is to share my knowledge to those students who want to learn something new, something technical, robust technology and the main purpose of this website is to teach different programming languages.

You can contact me anytime don’t hesitate to contact us at:

                 I am available 24 hours 7 days in a week.


           Thanks to visit our website and to reading “about us”.

                           “HAPPY LEARNING”

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